Summit 2018 – Workshop K

Measurement trends in Latin America - Results of a new survey

Summit 2018 – Workshop L

Growing your business - The importance of success-based marketing Paid, owned and earned: Finding and Applying insights from Integration

Global Summit videos – Knowledge Share in action

Day 1 plenary speaker sessions from AMEC’s Global Summit in Barcelona this year are now available – thanks to Prime Research, our Education Sponsor.

Summit 2018 – Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and Introductions - AMEC Summit 2018

Summit 2018 – Scene Setter Workshop

Find out the results of the AMEC Global Business Insights study first in this special session! In the workshop, international AMEC company members will highlight some of the key points of this year’s study and discuss with the audience.

Summit 2018 – Communicating in a Congested Information Space

Carmen Romero, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, Nato

Summit 2018 – State of the Industry – Through the Measurement Lens!

We ask AMEC’s original Barcelona Principles partners what they feel has happened since AMEC held the first Global Summit in Berlin 10 years ago – and what could or should happen in the next 10 years!

Summit 2018 – Aligning Insights for Impact?

Jamin Spitzer, Senior Director, Comms Insights, Microsoft