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Day One – Wednesday 8th July

09:30 - 00:00

AMEC Virtual Summit opens

10:00 - 00:00


Johna Burke, Global Managing Director, AMEC

10:10 - 00:00

Evaluating the Cost of Disinformation vs. €24 million ROI – Two Case Studies (Session B)

Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara, PhD, FAMI, CPM, FAMEC, FPRIA, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney

Jim will present delegates with findings from his latest research that inform his new book Beyond Post-Communication and an evaluation project that showed a €24 million return on investment from communication. In two contrasting case studies, Jim will show the negative impact of disinformation and post-truth and the key causes, compared with a ground-breaking case study in evaluation of corporate communication.

10:55 - 00:00

Live Q&A

Jim Macnamara and Danny Rogers, Editor-in-chief, PR Week UK

11:10 - 00:00

The AMEC Member Survey Results (Session C)

Richard Bagnall, Chairman, AMEC & CEO, Europe and the Americas, CARMA

11:30 - 00:00

Barcelona Principles 3.0 (Session C)

Ben Levine, Director & Partner, TRUE Global Intelligence

12:00 - 00:00

How search data can track trust and reputation online (Session D)

Sophie Coley, Co-Founder and Strategy & Content Director,

In this session, Sophie Coley – originator of the Search Listening technique – will teach you how search data can help you track trust and reputation online.

What you’ll learn:

  • How search data can help you discover how people think and feel about you, your brand, or your organisation
  • How to track trust and reputation, and monitor changes through Search Listening
  • Practical Search Listening skills you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

12:20 - 00:00

Every Moment Matters: Planning and learnings from monitoring during a crisis (Session D)

Anil Ranchod, Deputy Director PR & Communications, Stroke Association

Anil will talk around how the Stroke Association responded to Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of monitoring, measuring and assessing their communications during this time. He will also cover measuring outcomes and impact.

Delegate takeaways from this session:

  • Why prioritising in a crisis matters and how
  • What was measured and why
  • Learnings

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

12:40 - 00:00

The Evaluation Journey: VisitBritain (Session D)

Caitlin Johnson, Senior International PR Manager, VisitBritain

VisitBritain markets Britain to the rest of the world, working with partners to promote and develop the visitor economy. It is a non-departmental public body responsible to the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). Since 2018, it has been working with Commetric and Notified to collect and curate evidence of earned media outputs across 21 territories to understand performance against KPIs and how these support organisational objectives. Using a range of bespoke earned media evaluation dashboards, supplemented with quarterly reports and consultancy support, VisitBritain has been on a journey, pivoting away from vanity metrics towards deeper qualitative insights.

Delegate takeaways from this session:

  • How VisitBritain made the shift from vanity metric reporting to qualitative metrics
  • Supporting organisational priorities through PR – aligning KPIs to tell a broader narrative
  • Current measurement tactics in times of crisis

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

13:10 - 00:00

Networking Break

13:20 - 00:00

From Sustainable Communication to Sustainable Business (Session E)

Mathias, Kortegaard, Program Manager, Infomedia Group and Maria Bach, Senior Advisor, Infomedia Denmark

To run a sustainable business is no longer an option. It is a fundamental premise of future competition. Accordingly, companies should be at the forefront of communication about their sustainable efforts and breakthroughs to the market. In the slipstream of the United Nations biggest global campaign ever – The 17 Sustainable Development Goals – Infomedia has developed a tool, that monitors everything said and written about sustainability and the 17 SDG’s in the media. By analysing the data, we are able to offer companies, organizations and NGO’s valuable strategic insight about how to succeed in sharpening their sustainability profile and share of voice. Consequently, we are turning media insight into business opportunities. Experience Infomedias Global Goals Explorer tool and how to extract valuable strategic insight about company’s performance in the sustainability buzz across media.

Experience how to monitor, measure and benchmark your sustainability mentions across media and your share of voice on your most important sustainable agendas.

The speakers will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

13:40 - 00:00

Storytelling in the Information Age (Session E)

Megan Harris, Executive Director of Distribution and Mark Figliulo, Founder, FIG

Having a strong brand story is the most impactful way to connect with consumers in today’s fragmented and complex communications landscape. The stronger a brand’s story, the more varied it can be in how it’s translated into various channels. But how do we measure a story’s true impact and learn from it? We will be discussing a new approach that will change the way we measure and tell stories in our ever-changing world.

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

14:10 - 00:00

Progress Made and Lessons Learned (Session E)

Jamin Spitzer, Senior Director, Comms Insights, Microsoft Corporation

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

14:40 - 00:00

New Horizon: Data helps daters in 2020 (Session F)

Michael Kaye, Global Communications Manager, OkCupid
  • Data storytelling can drive media relation efforts and increase brand awareness and perception.
  • Ownable insights are more important than ever before when localizing and personalizing your story for different markets or publications.
  • Every brand has access to data that will help them uncover stories and increase press placements

The speaker will be answering audience questions online during the presentation.

15:20 - 00:00

Closing Remarks

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director, AMEC