The world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation, representing organisations and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. AMEC currently has more than 160 members in 86 countries worldwide.

AMEC thinks and operates internationally, forming working groups from different countries to work together on new initiatives.


We look at issues and trends in measurement

Measurement is PR’s Top Issue

Jon Meakin, AMEC Agency Group Chair Jon Meakin, has called for agencies to "set aside egos and competitiveness" and help raise standards across the board.

Measurement – how belief pays off!

Six years ago, I had a conversation in a London coffee shop with two representatives from a fast-growing UK public relations firm, Stuart Hehir and Chris Webb. This is also their story of what can happen when you believe!

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In the new series, we shine the light on outstanding professionals working in media intelligence - and companies too.


We talk to Paula Diaz, Operations Manager, buho
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This section of the site is where key presentations are found. Its the material people look for most to access, download and share, like the Barcelona Principles, Barcelona Principles 2.0, Valid Metrics and Social Measurement Framework, etc.

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We have an extensive library of Photos and Videos taken from the events AMEC has run or been involved with from the International Summit to Measurement Month Podcasts


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AMEC has five member categories:- Full Member, Associate Member, International Research Member, Individual Member and Non Profit Members.

Every AMEC member has the opportunity to take part in the activities of the Regional Chapter for their geography. AMEC has Chapters in North America, Asia and Europe.

  • We’re a different type of professional trade body.
  • We’re big in terms of resource because we engage members across the world in our work.
  • We understand that members expect something in return for their membership subscription.
  • We’re the organisation known for leading the Barcelona Principles initiative.
  • We are continually innovating – our latest initiative is the Say No to AVEs”campaign and our AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.
  • We believe in collaboration.
  • In 2017 we will spend 60% of our total budget to educate the global marketplace on measurement for the benefit of our members.

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