Who qualifies for Full Membership?

Full Membership Criteria:

Subscriptions for Full Members are based on an 3-tier banding system in which the applicant company pays a subscription fee based on their turnover. We ask applicants to:

  • Provide acceptable certified evidence of their annual turnover relating to media evaluation of not less than £150,000.
  • Companies with more than one office will join as International Members and the annual turnover figure stated should be the total evaluation turnover from all offices.
  • In their application applicants need to satisfy the AMEC Membership Committee that:
  • (a) The quality of their work will advance the interests of the Association.
  • (b) The quality of their media analysis research and interpretation is soundly based and that it can
    analyse a range of different factors within the editorial content, take into account relative strengths and weaknesses in any item of coverage and provide for the significance or effectiveness of the context in which the content is delivered to specific target audiences In addition, such research should involve the analysis and interpretation of data by one or more analysts to provide insight and consultancy to the customer. It should be noted that the provision of a simple database analysis of media coverage is in itself insufficient to qualify an organisation for Full Membership without all of the additional factors mentioned in this paragraph.

Membership Panel

Each Full Member application is reviewed by an expert panel from AMEC Board and Membership Committee members, in a conference call with two/three representatives of the applicant company. Each AMEC member agrees to treat all information within the application as confidential.

What the Membership Panel will look for in your documentation (and ask your company representatives about on the call:

  • The brief: Do you ask for a thorough client brief to ensure research objectives are met (objectives, media, stakeholders, messages, benchmarks, audiences, etc.).
  • Coding: is this by people or by technology or a mix of the two and if so what is the % split between people and technology? (The AMEC Membership Panel will look for an analyst to be involved).
  • What are the ranges of coding parameters you use?
  • Favorability criteria – do you use a grading scale or just? positive, negative or neutral?
  • Do you agree with AMEC’s definition and position on AVEs*, e.g. is only used when demanded by the client. The Membership Committee will hope your company will say your practice is to only use AVEs* when the client asks for this to be produced?
  • Quality control: Evidence of your documented quality process to all stages of its projects.
  • Information which demonstrates your commitment to the development of the market: initiatives, your views on developing the total market.
  • Your commitment to staff training (do you know we have an Online AMEC College?)
  • What you would like to gain from AMEC membership, e.g., better understand new techniques and business trends; the opportunity to help shape growth of the evaluation industry worldwide by taking part in our Working Groups/Board; attend AMEC conferences, etc?

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