The Rights Knowledge Exchange and how to use it?

WELCOME to the new Rights Knowledge Exchange portal. Against the background of a marketplace where content access across borders is an issue of growing importance, AMEC, PDLN and FIBEP members have combined in a bold new industry initiative to share knowledge about the latest developments in content rights licensing.

The Rights Knowledge Exchange is a central web-based reference point for members to obtain information on agreements and the latest status across different global regions.

How do you use it?

Specialists from member companies have worked with AMEC, PDLN and FIBEP to provide the latest information on contents rights matters worldwide.

The Rights Knowledge Exchange portal allows you to find information on a specific country using a simple drop down box or search box. Global licensing information is presented in a series of country landscapes. It is a fully-searchable database by country and by key words.

By building a set of country landscapes, it enables AMEC, PDLN and FIBEP members around the world to understand the implications of content licensing for specific markets where they do business, or plan to do so.

How the Rights Knowledge Exchange works

  • The Rights Knowledge Exchange is available for AMEC, PDLN and FIBEP members behind the password protected part of the website.
  • AMEC, PDLN and FIBEP will advise their respective members of sign in details, e.g. company username and password to take them into the search page.
  • Once logged in, either use the drop down to select your country or simply search for the country needed in the search box.
Johna Burke
Global Managing Director
Andrew Hughes
Christophe Dickès
Fair Trade & Copyright Head Commissioner


If you have comments on the Rights Knowledge Exchange site, please send your comments to the appropriate AMEC, FIBEP or PDLN contact.