A Changing Landscape – What AMEC’s Global Business Insights Survey tells us

Find out the results of the AMEC Global Business Insights study first in this special session! In the workshop, international AMEC company members will highlight some of the key points of this year’s study and discuss with the audience:

  • Where is growth coming from?
  • Where are the new measurement trends?
  • What do AMEC members feel about new competition from technology companies?
  • The new trend towards building a global capability.
  • What the results seem to suggest for my country/region?

Marcus Gault, Managing Director of Media, Agency & Rights Holders, Kantar Media UK
Philip Lynch, Managing Director, Newton Insight
Francois van Dyk, Head of Operations, Ornico
Khali Sakkas, Chief Executive, Insights, Isentia.
From the AMEC Global Summit on Measurement 2018 in Barcelona on Wednesday 13th June.