About AMEC Not For Profit Group

The AMEC Not For Profit (NFP) Group was formed to create a unique networking forum for communications leaders working in Not For Profit organisations.

The Group’s Mission is to champion the importance of communications in Not for Profit organisations and encourage higher standards of accountability through using effective measurement and insights programs.

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) is the largest professional body of its type in the world to help communications and PR professionals evaluate and measure the effectiveness of their communications campaigns.

The Group’s strategic goals are to:

  1. Facilitate horizontal exchange of knowledge, focusing on best practices and challenges in NFPs.
  2. Tailor measurement practices to NFPs specific needs.
  3. Raise the profile of NFP work and represent the interests of NFP organisations within AMEC.
  4. Benchmark best-practices and approaches with other group members.

What do I get from membership?

  • Being a part of a unique membership group whose aim is to promote the business benefits of using measurement in a Not For Profit organisation.
  • Ability to network with professionals in similar positions to share best practice, case studies, and lessons learned both among colleagues in other Not For Profit organisations, as well as the broader AMEC community, including other industry organisations affiliated to AMEC such as PRSA, ICCO and Corporate Excellence.
  • Facilitate and share ideas with colleagues in other organisations, and bring learnings from like-minded organisations back to their own organisation.
  • Access the NFP Resource Library with communication measurement related resources tailored to NFPs such as: M&E Frameworks, case studies, sample reports, templates, sample ToRs, and more.
  • Attend Webinars led by industry experts and communication measurement experts in NFPs.
  • Attend the Meeting of Not For profit organisations ahead of AMEC’s Annual Summit.
  • Opportunity to gain visibility for your own organisation through speaker opportunities at AMEC events.

To discuss membership or find out more please contact AMEC member relationship lead: [email protected] or Johna Burke, AMEC Global Managing Director. [email protected]

Sponsor a Non Profit Group Member!

AMEC is encouraging its members to sponsor the membership of a Non-Profit organisation as a member of the AMEC Non-Profit Group in their country or region for 12 months. Already AMEC is delighted to welcome several members through this scheme.

Annual Member Fee

Self nominated or sponsored membership costs only £475. For details  please contact AMEC membership lead Julie Wilkinson, [email protected] or Johna Burke, AMEC Global Managing Director. [email protected]