AMEC members advance the practice of measurement through two special interest groups, Common Ground and Not for Profit. Their collaboration produces resources for the benefit of communicators everywhere.

Common Ground (Agency Group)

Common Ground is a community of AMEC agency members working together to further the adoption of measurement and evaluation best practices throughout the PR agency sector.

While PR agencies may be ultra-competitive in pitches, AMEC agency members understand when it comes to measurement and evaluation, most face similar challenges:

  • How to balance the need to prove results with a reluctance to dedicate budget to measurement.
  • Deciding what to measure, and how.
  • How to cope with complex analytics when our agencies are largely staffed by wordsmiths.

Learn more about participating in Common Ground in the membership area.

Not for Profit

 This SIG champions the importance of strategic communications in non-profit organisations. The Not for Profit group encourages higher standards of accountability through the use of effective measurement, research, and insights. Over the past years, this group has studied the challenges of measurement in this sector, produced a non-profit communicators measurement guide, and more.

AMEC encourages self applicant organisations and its member companies to sponsor a non-profit organisation as a member of the AMEC Non-Profit Group in their country or region for 12 months.

This group of AMEC members is led by Natalia Vacarezza, UNICEF and Jose de Buerba, World Bank. Learn more about the activities of AMEC’s Not for Profit Group in the membership area.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals are AMEC members under 40 from agencies, private and non-profit companies, and educational institutions. They work together to ensure a voice for members who are at earlier stages of their careers. The Young Professionals SIG produces content for AMEC conferences, communicates their perspective to AMEC leadership, and provides networking opportunities.