Who qualifies for In-House Membership?

In-House membership of AMEC is open to in-house teams in organizations with a commitment to, an active interest in, or in the promotion of best practice and application of data, analytics, planning, research measurement and evaluation of communication and public relations.

Examples of such organisations are:

  • Organizations active in communication, PR, data insights with an interest in providing ethical data acquisition and analysis to shareholders.
  • Corporate Communications tams who are responsible for the setting of standards of communication, PR, research, or evaluation and who want to follow Best Practice.
  • Professional communicators committed to the Barcelona Principles to guide their data, measurement and evaluation.
  • Data scientist teams who simply wish to follow and be kept informed about industry developments.

In-House membership status may only be awarded to organisations who do not qualify for other AMEC membership categories as they are not a dedicated media intelligence/PR/Communication Measurement/Data Analyst provider or agency. In-House teams who belong to a NFP organisation can apply for the discounted and dedicated membership category for NFP’s for further details on that type of membership please click here.