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»OBSERVER« is Austria’s leading media intelligence agency. We have claimed this title since 1896. The »OBSERVER« team provides well-founded, complete and independent monitoring, analysis and insights to their clients.

Over the centuries we evolved in sync with the change in the media landscape and are successfully providing state of the art services. The regional focus lies in the German-speaking market, but we provide international monitoring and analysis as well. Benefiting from our established co-operation with FIBEP partners all over the world, we provide a one-stop- shop for international monitoring and analysis. The data gathered is provided to our clients and quality-improved by our media intelligence teams. With added meta-data an unified supra-regional analysis is attainable at an affordable price. Our longstanding experience and cutting edge technology lets us gather and engineer the foundation for Data Driven Communications. We are the Austrian service company for communications professionals.

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Contact Details

Stephan Ifkovits, Marketing/AMEC Measurement Project Manager
E: [email protected]
T: +43 6642452487
Twitter address: @OBSERVER1896
Instagram address: @observer1896

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Intrado Digital Media provides global brands with the communications solutions they need to effectively reach and engage their customers, employees, and the media. From virtual events to marketing webinars and PR campaigns, we help our clients make meaningful connections with their audience and drive measurable business impact.

Notified, part of Intrado Digital Media, is the only fully integrated, intelligent, and easy-to-use PR software for communicating with purpose.

Learn more at www.intrado.com/digital-media


Contact Details

Ann-Sofie Krol, Strategic Solutions, Nordics
Intrado Digital Media | Stockholm, Sweden
O: +46 (0)701491277
M: +46 (0)706507206
E: [email protected]

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APA-Comm offers highly efficient solutions for the PR and communications industry: production (photo, video, graphic), distribution of press releases, media database, media monitoring, social media monitoring and success measurement. APA-Comm is the joint brand of the APA subsidiaries APA-OTS and APA-DeFacto, which are among the market leaders in communication services in Austria in several areas.


Led by Co-Managing Partners Richard Bagnall (AMEC Chairman) and Mazen Nahawi (Former FIBEP Chairman), CARMA works with the world’s leading brands to provide world-class monitoring, measurement and evaluation programs.

CARMA’s powerful combination of experience, expertise, and technology delights clients. As a result, across five continents our team is entrusted to help many of the world’s biggest brands gain true media insight and demonstrate the effectiveness of their PR across its media monitoring, measurement, and evaluation services.

CARMA works with its clients to identify and understand the media, data and metrics that prove the value of communications programmes, helping demonstrate success and empower better organizational decision making.

To find out more or get in touch, visit www.carma.com

Contact Details

Richard Bagnall
Co-Managing Partner
E: [email protected]

Jason Weekes
Commercial Director
E: [email protected]



Converseon is a well-recognized pioneer in transforming conversation and social data into decision intelligence. As a leader in AI-powered NLP since 2008, the firm takes AI out of the lab and into practical settings to provide essential predictive intelligence you can act on in the areas of corporate reputation, brand relevance, ESG, CX, and product innovation. Its core platform, Conversus.AI, is designed to allow data scientists, MRX experts, and general analysts to access, build, and deploy powerful NLP models for advanced data classification and insight with a wide range of BI and “listening” platforms for a world where even real-time is not always fast enough.

The firm works with many leading brands around the world and has been cited for its industry leadership by leading analyst groups.

Contact Details

Savanna Adams, Marketing Manager
E: [email protected]

W: https://converseon.com

Lexis Nexis

Combining powerful analytics, expert human analysis, and the most comprehensive set of global news and social content in the market.

The increasing focus on measurement means there is more pressure than ever to provide expert analysis and insights. LexisNexis can help you better understand what matters to your customers, monitor the ongoing impact of your campaigns, and deliver easy-to-use analysis to share with your c-suite.

Evaluate your communications & glean actionable intelligence with our:

  • World leading content collection of comprehensive global news and social content
  • Unlimited media and social searches
  • Media database and press release distribution
  • Tailor-made media analytics and reports
  • Realtime alerts, ROI & crisis dashboards
  • A single, unified API

For more information please visit our stand at the AMEC Summit or online at https://bis.lexisnexis.co.uk/media-intelligence

Media Track Pte

In 2009, Media Track Pte. Ltd. was formed by two entrepreneurs with the vision and passion of providing the best service to the media monitoring industry. Emerged from the same industry, they believed that it has more to grow to reach its fullest potential.

Media Track Pte. Ltd. is now an International media monitoring outsourcing Hub that specializes in the conversion of printed media contents into structured and searchable text files.

We have established multiple operational facilities strategically located in Europe and across Asia with headquarter in Singapore.  Operational facilities are located in Copenhagen, Denmark; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila and Cebu, Philippines. We Take advantage of the time difference and deliver a sharper product early in the morning.

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +65 6291 2241
Website: http://www.mediatrack.sg/
Address: 10 Petain Road, 208089 Singapore

Contact Details

Kevin Twomey, Senior Vice President Marketing, Newswhip
Email: [email protected]

Real-time media monitoring | NewsWhip


NewsWhip is the only real-time media monitoring platform that predicts the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead, giving communications professionals the clarity they need for quick and confident decisions.

With NewsWhip, you can track the spread of any content within seconds of its publication. Use our products to predict what will make an impact every day on social media. NewsWhip is designed to put professionals ahead of the news cycle.


We help global organizations drive content transformation, insights and experience across media and formats. Through advanced technologies and an experienced team of experts, we are shaping the future of digital content.

We have two decades of expertise in content transformation from analog to digital and beyond We are a critical partner for several global organizations, especially in the media monitoring industry where their content is funneled through our processes to produce high-quality, extremely relevant and intelligent data in near-real time

Ninestars_Gold Sponsor_2023 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation

Contact Details

Contact Details

Dimitar Mitrev, Managing Director | Ninestars BulgariaEmail: [email protected]Tel: +359 898 377 855

Mobile: +359 899 902 260

Michelle Harold, Vice President – Global Sales, Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.Email: [email protected]Tel: +47 48 03 15 71

Website: A Digital Transformation Company | Ninestars Global

Opoint Technology

Opoint Technology is the world’s leading provider of online news data and technology solutions to the media intelligence and PR industry. We also supply historical datasets and live news feeds to companies specialized in market research, risk management, financial analysis, and AI/machine learning.

Opoint Technology provides a structured, reliable data feed with content from more than 185,000 websites worldwide. If your main task is to deliver real-time updates and insights to your customers, you can rely on us to provide the foundation you need.

Our coverage can be expanded upon request, and we can add paywall-protected content, estimated readership on article level and other metadata to the news feed as well.

Opoint Technology Readership (OTR); the new industry standard. OTR gives you the data you need for a good quality analysis of web articles. Among other things, we give you the estimated number of readers now, the expected number of readers of the article in addition to other relevant data.

Opoint Technology is part of Infomedia, a leading media monitoring organization in the Nordics. Visit www.opoint.com to learn more.

Contact Details

Thomas Vejlemand, Chief Executive Officer, Infomedia A/S
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +45 31 37 30 25

Jon Anders Tangnes, Chief Sales Officer, Opoint Technology
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +47 48 03 15 71


About Vuelio

For our clients, every story mattersBut in the age of information overload, it can be harder than ever to cut through the noise.   

Vuelio’s market-leading software helps solve that problem for public affairs, PR and communications professionals by giving the tools they need to make their story have impact.

Our technology is used by more than 3,000 organisations around the world, from blue-chip enterprises and communications agencies to public sector bodies and not-for-profits, so they can better understand and connect with the people that matter to them. 

Access Intelligence Plc

Vuelio is part of Access Intelligencea tech innovator delivering high quality SaaS products for leading global organisations.  

With an evolving portfolio that also includes ResponseSourcea network that connects media and influencers to the resources they need, fast and Pulsaran audience insights and social listening platformAccess Intelligence is committed to creating products that power a world of open, effective communication.  

Contact Details

Rebecca Potts  Group Events Manager

+44 (0) 203 426 4039 | rebecca.potts@vuelio.com

accessintelligence.com | The Johnson Building, 79 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8AW

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DataScouting is a software research and development company specialized in developing innovative solutions for media monitors, PR agencies, publishers, broadcasters, brand owners and market analysis specialists. Using machine learning technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Logo and Face Recognition and Data Mining, DataScouting provides intelligent solutions for managing and delivering of broadcast, print, online and social media. Our MediaScouting platforms are designed to track news insight, monitor advertisements, identify logos and comes as a 360° solution with archiving, multi-form delivery, reporting, alerting and a dashboard for easy access anywhere, anytime. DataScouting can help you accelerate business grown and address business and technology challenged by designing and building high quality, reliable and secure applications tailored to meet your business requirements.

DataScouting_Gold Sponsor_2023 AMEC Global Summit

Contact Details

Sophia Karakeva, CMO
T: +30 2312 201423
E: [email protected]