AMEC is the world’s largest PR measurement, media intelligence and insights professional body with more than 200 member organisations in over 86 countries – and growing!

Every member company is special to us because we recognise they join for a purpose: to learn about latest trends in measurement and insights; to help move their company into measurement and analytics or to want to engage with top international practitioners. See the benefits here.

  1. AMEC invests significant resource to educate the PR and communications marketplace of the business benefits of education. This open-source Knowledge Share website is a good example of our approach. We believe that a better educated market offers more opportunities for our members.
  2. We are Global in our thinking! We create initiatives to advance the practice of communications research and measurement through international working groups. We have International Chapters in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East Africa and North America,
  3. AMEC is outward facing. We encourage client organisations to join us and be part of our events, especially at the AMEC Global Summit, now the premier event of its kind in the world.
  4. The AMEC Global Member Insights Survey, which gives our members the opportunity through a yearly survey to benchmark their performance against trends in other areas.
  5. Our members have access to a host of content with member only access including webinars.

We will keep you up to date with monthly news; we’ll be responsive to your ideas. We will take your membership seriously.

AMEC has five member categories:- Full MemberAssociate Member, Research /Common Ground (Agency Group), Non Profit Members and In-House Communication members.

Every AMEC member has the opportunity to take part in the activities of the Regional Chapter for their geography. AMEC has Chapters in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East Africa and North America,

Why join?
AMEC is committed to growing and educating the market for the use of research, measurement and analytics in communication, enabling wider recognition in all countries where members operate. By becoming a member, whether as a company or an individual, you stand to benefit in a number of ways:

If you are offering or planning to offer media evaluation or communication research as part of your services or if media evaluation or communication research is part of your job, AMEC membership will give you or your company credibility with your clients, prospective clients or in your professional life.

Competitive Edge
As technology advances rapidly more organisations are now providing media evaluation services. Carrying the AMEC mark of excellence will ensure that you maintain your competitive edge in your market.

Knowledge Sharing
AMEC membership provides you with access to an international forum for best practice in measurement and evaluation of communications. By becoming part of this forum you will be able to participate, learn from and influence international best practice standards through its forums, newsletters, events and seminars.

AMEC provides its members with the opportunity to network with individuals and companies in the marketplace operating across the globe and thereby bringing the key influencers of this growing industry together. A highlight of AMEC’s work is its Global Summit on Measurement, held annually the event comprises of two days of keynote speakers, workshops and networking receptions and the AMEC Awards ceremony and gala dinner to celebrate the successes of the years entries.

Staff and Individual Development
AMEC runs the International Measurement Course through its online AMEC College. For details contact [email protected]

AMEC Awards
The AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards provide a powerful platform to showcase your excellence in measurement and evaluation.

Membership criteria – In brief
Full Member
Offers comprehensive media analysis, research and interpretation services and must have been In business for at least two years and have a minimum media evaluation turnover in excess of £200,000 when applying. For more information please view the Full Member page.

Associate Member
The Associate Member category has proved popular with companies, such as PR firms and software providers, who have an interest in measurement but for whom it is not their core business. For more information please view the Associate Member page.

Common Ground (Agency Group) Member
This is a membership category particularly suited to global PR Groups who have a dedicated research and analytics team/company; or research companies. For more information please view the  Common Ground (Agency Group) Member page.

Non Profit Member
AMEC has created this new Group for Non Profit organisations with UNICEF, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Cleveland Clinic as Founding Members. We welcome other Non Profit Charity organisations to join the group. For more information please view the Non-Profit Member page.