All AMEC Training is facilitated through the AMEC Executive Team. Only providers or trainers endorsed by AMEC will be stated here.

Details on our five regional Chapters can be found here. If you would like to be introduced to your regional Chair team, please contact us and we can put you in touch to find out more on what is offered in your region.

AMEC currently offers on-demand tools and training in the following areas:

AMEC Foundation in Media Measurement and Evaluation

  • Who might complete this training? Including but not limited to: new starters at media monitoring and measurement agencies, Junior staff at PR agencies, Students of public relations and communication, Career changers, re-starters who need a refresh on the topic of evaluation and measurement.  – Communication professionals with limited experience of measurement who want to understand the basics.
  • Why would I do this course? Measurement and Evaluation of Communication is a critical part of the funnel. Perhaps you don’t really ‘do evaluation or measurement’, yet you know you need to know more about it? this provides short and simple course which covers the basics of monitoring, measurement and evaluation of communication.  See more details on the foundation level course here.This course costs £149 per student but it is free to all AMEC member employees.

The AMEC Integrated Framework (IEF) is a free to use interactive tool and provides a consistent and credible approach that works for organisations of all sizes, any desired objective, and with any size of budget. Today, organisations from the world’s largest multinationals to the smallest non-profits are using the framework to plan and measure their communications effectiveness. When combined with the tutorial below to help you work through the tool to get the most from the IEF.

The AMEC Integrated Framework Tutorial

The tutorial course for the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) comes with a total of 33 lessons that illustrate step by step guidance on how to use the AME IEF. With real-time case studies and on-demand access, this tutorial offers a valuable learning opportunity. This course costs £149 per student but it is free to all AMEC member employees.

See some user testimonials on their impression of the tutorial course and why it has made practical application of the learnings easier.

The AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3)

The Measurement Maturity Mapper, or M3, is a survey-based diagnostic tool designed to help professionals at any level of sophistication, and from any type of organisation, better plan their measurement and evaluation journey by clearly benchmarking where they are starting from in the process.