AMEC Global Managing Director

Johna Burke

Johna Burke, AMEC Global Managing Director

E: [email protected]
T: +44 2081 444465
M: +1 (602) 319-6726
SKYPE: GoJohnab
TW: @AmecOrg @GoJohnabM

Chairman of AMEC

Aseem Sood, Chairman of AMEC
CEO, Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd (India)
E: [email protected]
M: +91 98991 11698
TW: aseemsood

AMEC International Board Directors 2023

Richard Bagnall

Richard Bagnall

Global Managing Partner, Carma, United Kingdom

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

AMEC Chair 2017-2022

Steph Bridgeman

Founder and Lead Consultant, Experienced Media Analysts, United Kingdom

(AMEC Individual Member Representative)

Deb Camden

Deb Camden

Principal, PRISM Communication Architects and Founder The Communication Dividend, Australia

(AMEC APAC Chapter Co-Chair)

James Crawford

Managing Director, PR Agency One, United Kingdom

(AMEC Associate Member Representative)

Simon Gebauer

Chief Commercial Officer, Observer GmbH, Austria

(AMEC Full Member Representative & AMEC European Chapter Chair)

Mary Elizabeth Germaine

Global Managing Director, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, United States

(AMEC Research Member representative and North American Chapter Co-Chair)

Jeremy Gibbs

Principal Product Manager, Insight & Analytics, Notified, United Kingdom

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Rayna Grudova-de Lange

Founder & CEO, DeLange Analytics, Bulgaria

(AMEC Associate Member Representative)

Maya Koleva

Head of Research & Insight, Commetric, Bulgaria

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Raina Lazarova

Co-founder & COO, Ruepoint, United Kingdom

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Philip Lynch

Senior Vice President, Insights & Consultancy, Onclusive, United Kingdom

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Jon Meakin

Jon Meakin

Senior Consultant, United States

(AMEC Agency SIG Chair)

Nicole Moreo

Head of Customer Insights for North America at LinkedIn, United States

(AMEC North American Chapter Chair)

Felicia Nugroho

Director - Analytics & Insights, Maverick, Indonesia

(AMEC APAC Chapter Co-Chair)

Claire Pimm

Director, National Resilience Communications, UK Government, United Kingdom

(AMEC Associate Member Representative)

Camille Raymond

Head of Public Affairs & Communications Intelligence Unit-Head of Social Media, OECD, France

(AMEC Not for Profit Member Representative and AMEC NFP SIG Co-Chair)

Amrita Sidhu

Managing Director, Medianet, Australia

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Allison Spray

Managing Director Data + Analytics, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, United Kingdom

(AMEC Research Member Representative)

Francois van Dyk

Head of Operations, Ornico Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Aldo Vietri

Regional Operations Manager, GlobalNews Group, Argentina

(AMEC Latin America Chapter Chair)

Carlos Villa

CEO and Co-Founder, buho, Colombia

(AMEC Full Member Representative)

Jerry Ward

Managing Director, Press Data, United Kingdom

(AMEC Full Member Representative)