AMEC Planning Resources
A newly developed resource area to help with how to plan with the AMEC integrated framework.

AMEC Planning Primer
Primer introduction to PR Planning whitepaper resource.

Barcelona Principles 3.0
Following an international consultation and involving AMEC Regional Chapters, the new-look Barcelona Principles 3.0 has been launched.

Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3)
A measurement and evaluation planning tool developed by AMEC to help PR professionals better plan and resource their measurement and evaluation programmes.

Integrated Evaluation Framework
This new special section of AMEC’s website has been put together to answer the most common challenges and pressures faced by communicators today as they look to prove their value in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Say No to AVEs
Join a global initiative to eradicate fully the use of Advertising Equivalency Value (AVE) and all of its derivatives as metrics in public relations work.

Glossary of Terms
Evolving a common language to measure success.