“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate brings the latest principles in communications research, measurement and analytics to life. A great way to stress test the approach you take to PR and communications planning and measurement, and to learn about new ones alongside peers facing the same challenges.”

Jeremy Gibbs
Principal Product Manager

“Measurement and Evaluation is integral to the work we do as a communications team at TUI and the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has helped grow our understanding and skills further to ensure we embed a culture of measurement within the broader team and business. The assignment meant we challenge our own measurement and evaluation processes and looked at ways to improve it also allowed me to look at the AMEC framework in much greater detail with the knowledge I had learnt.”

Amy Dowling
Senior PR Manager
Marketing and Customer Experience TUI Group

“I would thoroughly recommend the AMEC international Certificate in measurement and Evaluation to any PR or communications professional looking to get a handle on how to demonstrate the impact of their work, in any of the key communications disciplines.

“Accurately measuring and demonstrating the crucial contribution communications makes to business objectives is notoriously difficult, and this course will help you to learn best practice in the techniques and principles of doing so. Now more than ever as professionals we have to show our value and I’m excited to start applying my deeper knowledge in my role.”

Claire Munro, Communications Programme Manager, Zero Waste Scotland

“AMEC methodology and concept will strengthen me as PR professional with good knowledge and skills. During the course I realized how impactful AMEC methodology and concepts are and how it can put PR or communications people at the same level with strategic focus in a company or organization”

Fardila Astari
Director, Reputasia Strategic Communications

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has been very valuable to my professional growth. The course provided me with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how not only measure performance but also better plan for more effective communications efforts.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to take a more evidence-led approach to their work as a communications professional.”

Nazek El Zahr
Account Manager

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course this year. The virtual course proved very valuable and has taught me new methods of evaluating PR to keep up with the every evolving PR and Media landscape. It included a satisfying blend of theory with hands on practice to improve skills in better campaign planning. The AMEC International Measurement Certificate has supported me in my current role at Viasat World and I look forwards to rolling out a new way of working across all our international territories”.

Carolyn Fursse​
PR Manager
Viasat World

“I have been measuring media relations and marketing activity for many years now. The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course provided me with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how not only measure performance but also better plan for more effective communications efforts. This knowledge will greatly support my responsibilities as the Associate Vice President for Media Relations and Public Affairs at Florida Atlantic University.”

Joshua D. Glanzer
Associate Vice President

“I work for a brand new organisation and the AMEC International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation has proved very valuable in helping me to develop an evaluation strategy, not only to improve the work of the communications team but also to make sure that communications informs business planning as a whole. The course allowed me to delve into the academic literature, while the weekly webinars and forum discussions allowed for sharing of best practice between colleagues from different organisations and countries. I would really recommend the course to anyone who wants to take a more evidence-led approach to their work as a communications professional.”

Aislinn Keogh
Senior Press Officer, Office for Students

“In the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course, learning from some of the most experienced experts in the field has been tremendously helpful. The sessions were very structured, pragmatic – and actually, fun! Sharing with professionals from all over the world has really supported me in developing new strategies for the challenges we all face in measuring communications. As senior project manager for RATE, an agency specialized in measurement-based communications, it provided tremendous value in our client projects, working on individual solutions for complex measurement challenges.”

Anita Kluck
Senior Project Manager, R.A.T.E GmbH

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has been very valuable to my professional growth as I have learnt valuable principles and frameworks of measurements and evaluation in the field communications. Being part of the course has exposed me to numerous trends and frameworks of measurements and evaluation for both social media and traditional media. The emphasis on goal setting and measuring outcomes rather than outputs was such an eye opener and it has changed my Department’s planning strategy. We now think of measurements from the start of a campaign when we set our communications objective.”

Shandya Sitale
Principal Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Botswana

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course was extremely insightful and has really boosted my confidence in my current role as Media Analyst at TASTE PR. The course tackled the existing challenges surrounding measurement, providing solutions of best practice in an intelligible manner, with close support from the course leaders who were always happy to answer any questions.”

Megan Luck
Media Analyst, Taste PR

“I would thoroughly recommend the AMEC International Measurement Certificate to anyone in public relations who wants to be at the cutting edge of best practice. It seems bizarre that the scientific approach to communicating this course advocates has not been fully embedded across the industry. Evaluation is a must for anyone who wants to demonstrate the value of their work and ensure their output is as effective as it can be. It is becoming increasingly important in my workplace and this course has given me the confidence to take a leading role in its application.”

Neil Franklin
Communications Officer, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course was a stimulating way to engage with the developments in the field. The combination of theory and the many cases that we studied in the course enabled us to integrate the AMEC Integrated Framework into our day to day work.”

Annemarie van Elfrinkhof
Senior Consultant, Liesbeth van der Vlegel, Operational Manager

“I would strongly recommend the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course to anyone willing to pursue a career in the field of media measurement and evaluation. The course is ideal for beginners as well as experienced professionals. It provides beginners knowledge about media measurement, with focus on the past and current domain practices. On the other hand, the course allows experienced people to refresh concepts and challenges their pre-conceived assumptions, while providing information about the latest developments in the field. The course also serves as a platform where students can exchange ideas and have meaningful discussions with fellow professionals from around the world.”

Durgesh Kumar Garg
General Manager, Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd., India

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has proven invaluable not only for my personal career development but also for the benefit of the agency. The knowledge and skills gained from the course have empowered me to cascade what I have learnt to others who are equally passionate about integrating measurement in everything we do here at Pegasus.”

Tom Sommerfelt
Account Manager, Pegasus

“As a strategic communications professional, it is extremely important to understand the fundamentals of measuring and evaluating communications activities. In an industry where evaluation standards are still somewhat elusive, AMEC’s course is leading the way in creating a foundation for PR practitioners to apply internationally agreed upon principles. This course helps to make the seemingly intangible more tangible.”

Stephanie Curry
Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course was very useful and relevant for my role as an Evaluation Analyst at Press Data. The teaching was always of a high standard and the tutors gave us opportunities to engage in debates and share our ideas. The webinars were always recorded so I could fit it around my working day and I had a great opportunity to learn and network with people all over the world.“

Emma Bowman
Evaluation Analyst, Press Data

“Completing the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has provided a valuable addition to my core skills as a practising media analyst and insights specialist. To my knowledge the course is unique to our industry and provides a rich source of information to underscore best practice in media measurement. The course was interesting while challenging and was delivered in a highly professional manner. It effectively caters for media professionals in diverse locations across the globe who face similar challenges ensuring clients continue to receive the world-class analysis and media measurement service they expect.“

Wade Featherstone
Insights Specialist, iSentia Australia

“I would recommend the AMEC International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation to AMEC members wishing to revise and stay current and to new industry entrants seeking to establish a learning foundation. Senior lecturer Paul Noble’s approach to the syllabus and student feedback was informative and encouraging while I found the course content to be both well structured and business relevant.

Additionally the opportunity to share ideas and feedback with my peers internationally helped to make the course more engaging and the online course management and knowledge library was both comprehensive and easy to use.”

Keith Forbes
Manager Analysis and Insights, The Media Research Group (an AAP business)

“The AMEC course has been an absolute pleasure, The level of information provided in the course was simply exceptional, concrete examples, excellent case studies and excellent feedback and participation levels. I truly felt that the time flew by. I am definitely benefiting from all the knowledge I gained throughout the course on a daily basis at my current role at Salience Insight Dubai, and I recommend the course to my colleagues and any PR professional.”

Mounir El Agouz
Client service manager, Salience Insight Dubai

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has provided invaluable knowledge and best practice in measurement. Being part of the measurement professionals’ community has been insightful and provided reassurance that other organisations face similar challenges, while giving me the confidence to implement these best practices in my current role”

Annette Saunders
Business Support Manager, Vanquis Bank Ltd

“Studying the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course has given me the confidence to advise colleagues and clients on their approaches to evaluation and measurement. I’m always pulling out my notes and using them as a reference point for new challenges. If I could have done anything differently, it would be to have made more time to interact with the other students in the online forum. Having access to people from all around the world is invaluable and everyone should make the most of this!“

Anna Crichton
Planner, Porter Novelli

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate has really supported me in my current role at Glyndebourne. It offered a thorough grounding in the latest thinking on best practice approaches to monitoring and evaluation and helped to demystify this element of a media campaign. Following the course I feel substantially better equipped to interrogate our media activity to elicit insights and evidence which support both the wider communications team and the organisation as a whole.”

Kate Harvey
Campaigns Officer, Glyndebourne

“This course was a very interesting and valuable experience for me, providing a wide knowledge about a media research and enlightening the path for my own further professional development. It has given a new perspective and provided with clear guidelines to implement in my work as a media analyst. The course has given confidence to me and supported many of my critical work decisions. It was also extremely useful to read a lot on social media measurement. This field is relatively new in my country, so the course has provided me with foreign experience on the topic and helped to understand which direction I should follow measuring and analyzing social media. I am looking forward to a new possible course on any of the PR evaluation fields with AMEC College.“

Olga Zhizhmanova
Media analyst, iBIC Russia

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate course was a great opportunity to get in touch with the best PR practicioners & experts and with a comprehensive, but still efficient, corpus of study materials. Whole course was a good balance of lectures, team discussions and individual work, all with an undoubtful focus on practice.“

Pavel Herot
Managing Partner, Media Tenor Czech Rep.

“It was my first encounter with teaching via an online course. It was a very interesting experience. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the online meeting, the chance to discuss matters with my colleagues from all corners of the world, and the choice of materials that we had for disposal during the course and that I can continue to tap on in my work. From the professional point of view, I appreciated above all the theoretical background, on which the measurement of PR and media contents would be based.“

Ivana Hejhalová,
Newton Media, Prague, Czech Republic

“I have had previous experience with online learning, but in case of AMEC I was pleasantly surprised by the high professional standards of conducting the course. The instructor endeavoured to always be in contacts with the students and the web interface performed without problems. For me as a media analyst, it was very interesting to learn how international standards are created in my field and tom share the experience of my foreign colleagues, at least in its virtual environment.“

Ivan Vodochodský, PhD.
Newton Media, Prague, Czech Republic

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate enabled me to compare various approaches to the measurement of media outputs used in the production of analyses with internationally recognised methods. In many cases this comparison came as enrichment to me. Of special interest to me were experiences with the measurement of social media. I also appreciated how the course instructors managed to conjure up an informal, friendly atmosphere for the course participants.“

Věra Čarná
Head of Media Analyses Department, Newton Media, Prague, Czech Republic

“Carefully designed and well structured, the AMEC International Measurement Certificate course provided me with a rewarding learning experience, through which, all the fundamental and important aspects of media measurement were presented in a systematic way with both theories and best practice case studies. The modularized course structure made it very easy for me to allocate more time on the modules that I personally needed to focus on. To certain extent, it is a standardized AND customized program.”

Shan Chengjun
Analysis Director, iSentia China

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate has really supported me in my current role in Media net d.o.o. (Zagreb, Croatia) and helped me understand from being on a course with others from other countries the challenges we all face.“

Hrvoje Prpić
Researches and analysis, Media net d.o.o. (Zagreb, Croatia)

“The AMEC Social Media Measurement Course helped me share knowledge, experience and practice on the issues, trends and developments around social media. The course was very professionally organized and executed and I especially have appreciated the recorded podcasts with industry experts. The course helped me think about the correct way to measure social media and how to better prepare a social media marketing strategy.”

Sophia Karakeva
CMO, Data Scouting

“The AMEC International Measurement Certificate gave me a new, wider perspective on media measurement integration. I would have no hesitation about recommending the programme to anyone else“

Janez Kne
Head of analytical department, PRESS CLIPPING, d.o.o., SLOVENIA

“I’ve really enjoyed the level of engagement in the forums and participation from other students. I didn’t expect it and it’s been a really pleasant and informative experience.“

Kate Greenwood
360m Australia