Welcome to the AMEC Common Ground Agency Toolkit – a 6-part video series aimed at small-midsized agencies and in-house communications professionals, covering important measurement and evaluation topics.

Registration for future events is open to all and on-demand recordings are available here to AMEC members only. please use the top right hand Member Login area to access the videos links below.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 1: Overview and introduction to measurement and evaluation
This on-demand session is hosted by Jon Meakin, AMEC Agency SIG Chair and Pauline Draper Watts.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 2: The Integrated Evaluation Framework
This on-demand session is hosted by Marianne Morgan, AMEC European Chapter Chair and Giles Peddy.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 3: Lets begin at the beginning
This on-demand session is hosted by Daniella Graham and Ben Levine presenting how to use the AMEC Integrated evaluation Framework to improve objective-setting and campaign planning.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 4: Three Os and an I: What do we really want to measure?
This on-demand session is hosted by Andy West, Hotwire Global and Alex Judd.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 5: Tools of the Trade: How to measure what you want to measure
Hosted by Jonny Bentwood, GOLIN and Gregory Sidari, WE Communications.

AMEC Agency Toolkit Part 6: Where to Begin: Having the difficult conversation with clients and colleagues, and making a change.
Hosted by Nicole Moreo, Ketchum and Allison Spray, H&K Strategies.