AMEC is the world’s leading source of communication measurement information. And this Resource Center brings it all together in one place. Here you’ll find state-of-the-practice information on measurement methodologies and frameworks, case studies, information produced by AMEC’s Special Interest Groups, and more. Everyone is welcome to view and download all resources, unless marked as “member only.”

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AMEC Planning Resources

The AMEC Planning Worksheet
This document, alongside the planning content housed in the Integrated Evaluation Framework, will walk you through how the IEF, our flagship measurement strategy tool – can help you plan campaigns, plans and programmes.

What has Planning got to do with it
An introduction to why planning is such a critical component of PR, and has a symbiotic relationship with measurement and evaluation.

Planning with the AMEC Integrated Framework
An outline of how the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework – our flagship measurement strategy tool – can help you to plan your campaigns, plans and programmes too.

Getting started with planning
How to get started and tips on using the The Integrated Evaluation Framework  (IEF) not just as a measurement framework but also as a tool that can help us with planning.

Segmenting Audiences: Starting with the who, not the goal
Planning with the Integrated Evaluation Framework, the “who” behind your campaign exists across multiple steps.

The Importance of SMART(ER) Objectives
When it comes to planning, the framework works equally well to help design your communication objectives by starting at the end and thinking about the underlying reason for your plan or strategy.

Misguided Communication Objectives
If you can’t measure it, it’s not an objective. Here are some common, misguided objectives and how to turn them into something meaningful.

Measurement Methodology

PRIMER: Introduction to PR Planning
This free primer guide provides an introduction to ‘account planning’ and how it can be specifically applied for PR and communications.

Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3)
A measurement and evaluation planning tool developed by AMEC to help PR professionals better plan and resource their measurement and evaluation programmes.

Integrated Evaluation Framework
This new special section of AMEC’s website has been put together to answer the most common challenges and pressures faced by communicators today as they look to prove their value in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Glossary of Terms
Evolving a common language to measure success.

Barcelona Principles
New-look communications measurement benchmark launched.

Say No to AVEs
Join a global initiative to eradicate fully the use of Advertising Equivalency Value (AVE) and all of its derivatives as metrics in public relations work.

Find a Speaker

Global Speakers Bureau
At the heart of AMEC’s Mission in 2019 is a commitment to educate the marketplace. We will do that by having industry-leading experts able to talk at conferences and events throughout the world. If you are an industry leader with proven experience in measurement, join our Speakers Bureau now.

AMEC’s Global Speakers Bureau is a key part of our Global Education Programme, supported by A Data Pro as our new Global Education Partner.

Case Studies

Case Study Library
Measurement and evaluation is increasingly the go-to communications discipline of choice of leading organisations – many of them globally-recognised brands – in guiding their public relations efforts, shaping future strategy and gauging reputation.

This latest batch of case studies are edited versions of AMEC Gold Award winning entries and showcase the very best of measurement in action.

Global Business Insights Study

Global Business Insights Report

Global Business Insights Study
AMEC’s Global Business Insights Survey was the first industry survey to cover media intelligence and insights when it was launched 10 years ago. Each year the Survey continues with a series of trend over time questions to give AMEC members a unique sense of what is happening worldwide. However each year too, the Survey has a series of new questions which give an indication of the importance that technology trends are now playing.

AMEC Tools

Download the AMEC Logo in this zip folder to be able to use the AMEC logo. Please ensure that the Logo is used in accordance of the Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines
Download the Brand standards for using the AMEC logo with a set of rules that explain how the AMEC brand works and how to use it most effectively.

Demonstrating the Value of Communication

Demonstrating the Value of Communication Part III
Evolving Communication Measurement

Demonstrating the Value of Communication Part II
The Insider’s Guide to Measurement – Part 2

Demonstrating the Value of Communication
Perspectives and advice on communication measurement & evaluation from experts around the world