Summit 2018 – Workshop E

“Driving the future: Reputation in the Banking Industry”

Summit 2018 – Workshop F

AMEC M3 Measurement Maturity Mapper

Summit 2018 – Special Session

Special Session: GDPR and its impact on your business

Summit 2018 – Workshop G

“Impacting Businesses Through Advanced Data Analytics”

Summit 2018 – Workshop H

"Has PR cracked the evaluation nut? - Moving clients away from their AVEs safety net"

Summit 2018 – Workshop I

Happy partners or a new competitor breed?

Summit 2018 – Workshop J

How the Digital Revolution is changing PR?

Summit 2018 – Workshop K

Measurement trends in Latin America - Results of a new survey

Summit 2018 – Workshop L

Growing your business - The importance of success-based marketing Paid, owned and earned: Finding and Applying insights from Integration

Summit 2018 – Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and Introductions - AMEC Summit 2018

Summit 2018 – Scene Setter Workshop

Find out the results of the AMEC Global Business Insights study first in this special session! In the workshop, international AMEC company members will highlight some of the key points of this year’s study and discuss with the audience.