AMEC Summit 2017 Special Session – Measurement and the PR and Communications Professional

The AMEC Global Summit will bring together international PR leaders, leading PR consultancy figures, corporate communications professionals and PR association heads in a special session to help PR and communications professionals see measurement in a different way.

AMEC Summit 2017 How Brexit brought insights and evaluation into the global spotlight

Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, School of Communication, University of Technology, Sydney; Visiting Professor LSE

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop A – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Is the real barrier to measurement vanity? Ego? No space to fail and learn? How can we sell measurement in a business climate that is risk averse?

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop B – Walking the Talk – Getting Real Value from Data

Big Data is everywhere but how much have we really progressed in the use of research and measurement in communications? The stats are positive but what’s the real story and more importantly, how do we improve it?

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop C – How to use the new AMEC Framework – a practical tutorial

In this practical “how to” session, two of the international team who developed the Framework will explain why it was needed, what it is, and how to get the best results from adopting and using it.

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop D – Content and data rights in the digital age

This workshop will examine how leading organisations use content and data to give competitive advantage.

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop F – Measurement in a post-truth world: how does the measurement and research industry need to address fake news and alternative facts?

In this workshop we will look at how to face up to and deal with the new global challenges of fake news and “alternative facts” in traditional and social media.

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop H – Insight, impact and change!

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop H - Insight, impact and change! Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, AirPR, Mazen Nahawi, CARMA, Mats Wängelin, Biz Media, Steffen Egelund, ‎ Media Track Pte Ltd.