AMEC Not For Profit SIG kicks off 2023

AMEC Not For Profit SIG kicks off 2023

Join the AMEC Not For Profit (NFP) SIG in shaping the future of NFP communications by completing the survey. Share your views on how you used monitoring and evaluation in 2022 and help us identify future training sessions in 2023. The results will be kept confidential within the NFP group and used to benchmark the integration of monitoring and evaluation in communication roles, plans, and reporting.

Please complete the survey by Wednesday, 8 February. Follow this link to access the survey.

By participating in this survey, you are playing a vital role in advancing the mission of AMEC NFP SIG to champion the importance of communications in NFP organizations and promote accountability through effective measurement and insights. Help the group reach their strategic goals:

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and highlight best practices and challenges in NFPs.
  • Tailor measurement practices to the unique needs of NFPs.
  • Raise the profile of NFP work and represent NFP organizations within AMEC.
  • Benchmark best practices and approaches with other group members.

AMEC encourages its members to sponsor a non-profit organization to join the AMEC NFP SIG in their country or region. Benefits of being a member include:

  • Promoting the business benefits of using measurement in non-profit organizations.
  • Networking with professionals in similar positions to share best practices and lessons learned.
  • Sharing ideas with colleagues from other organizations and bringing insights back to your own organization.
  • Accessing the NFP Resource Library with tailored communication measurement resources.
  • Attending webinars led by industry experts.
  • Participating in the Meeting of Non-Profit Organizations ahead of AMEC’s Annual Summit.
  • Gaining visibility for your organization through speaker opportunities at AMEC events.

AMEC Not For Profit SIG kicks off 2023_Join Non Profit Membership

You may download the application link here or ask Julie Wilkinson for additional information

This group is led by Michelle Hawkins Head, Information Environment Assessment (IEA) and Planning & Assessment Officer Public Diplomacy Division, NATO and Camille Raymond, Head of Communications Monitoring & Impact Evaluation, OECD.