AMEC IEF Tutorial course_guidance for IEF users

AMEC IEF Tutorial course: guidance for IEF users, new and old

A new Tutorial course for the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) has been launched. The new Tutorial course costing just £149 comes with a total of 33 lessons that illustrate step by step guidance on how to use the AMEC IEF. The Tutorial is provided on-demand with real time case studies.

During this Tutorial, you will see how it can be applied in multiple scenarios.  Every communication programme is different, with unique objectives, audiences, and tactics. The IEF offers structure and rigor to the reporting process without limiting you in the choice of metrics and data sources. It allows total flexibility to apply and adapt the framework to your specific situation and needs.

AMEC IEF Tutorial course: guidance for IEF users

The AMEC IEF Tutorial course has been designed for:

  • PR, internal comms teams, corporate comms, crisis comms, advertising, marketing, communications professionals, analysts, researchers, communication management students;
  • Private, public and not-for-profit organizations, in any sector, of any size with any budget;
  • Any user levels – beginners or experienced;
  • All ongoing communications work, not just campaigns;
  • Agencies as a rigorous structure for reporting.

What you will learn:

  • Get a broad overview of the structure and use cases of the AMEC IEF;
  • Learn how to use IEF as a planning tool for a) organizations and communications objectives; b) target audiences and strategic inputs;
  • How to apply on communication activities;
  • Learn how to use IEF as an evaluation tool for a) outputs, b) outtakes, c) outcomes, d) impact; and
  • AMEC IEF Case studies.

AMEC IEF Tutorial course _Student Testimonial

The AMEC IEF Tutorial course has been designed to help you how to best use the framework in real time:

  • To use it to plan activity in advance;
  • To plan your campaigns more effectively, especially with outcomes as a key driver;
  • To help you think about measurement and showcasing, with relevant metrics, the impact you are having on your organization, client/s.
  • To help you think at the outset about what metrics you may need in order to evaluate impact;
  • To refer to as activity develops over time; and
  • To use it retrospectively as an evaluation tool to highlight successes and opportunities for improvement.

The AMEC IEF Tutorial course was produced by volunteers on AMEC’s Education working group . With humble thanks to them and their exceptional dedication in creating this course from concept to bringing it to life. We also give our deepest appreciation to all collaborators on the IEF tool from conception onwards and providing their thought leadership and professional expertise to make it possible for AMEC to offer this remarkable interactive resource for free. See the full list of volunteers who collaborated and enabled AMEC to offer this free remarkable interactive resource, essential for anyone working in communication.

AMEC IEF Tutorial course _Welcome by Richard Bagnall

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