Who qualifies for Common Ground (Agency & Research Group)?

The AMEC Common Ground (Agency and Research Group) is for organisations working in communications research companies, public relations, or as providers to the PR communications industry, to advance the practice and use of measurement and evaluation.

Benefits: the summary

  • Media intelligence sector INSIGHTS to support the further growth of your organisation.
  • KNOWLEDGE SHARE of best practice to increase your efficiency and SUCCESS.
  • Membership gives industry RECOGNITION of your company.
  • AMEC INTERNATIONAL NETWORK to introduce you to new business opportunities.
  • HELPS you CONNECT with experts and new thinking internationally.
  • DISCOUNTED membership rates to participate in AMEC training and education.

Membership benefits in more detail, include:

  • Access to the AMEC Common Ground Agency Toolkit – a six video series covering important measurement and evaluation topics.
  • All member employees are entitled to take the AMEC Foundation in Measurement and Evaluation online course for free.
  • Strong discounts on professional development for the AMEC Certificate in MEasurement and Evaluation course delivered through the online AMEC College.
  • Special registration discounts and speaker opportunities for the AMEC Global Summit on Measurement.
  • Members can also enter the AMEC International Effectiveness Awards at a discounted rate.
  • Members can also take part in the AMEC Global Business Insights Study run in Spring every year and it will give a unique opportunity to benchmark your growth against global trends in media intelligence.
  • We have created a brand property for AMEC called Measurement Month. It will give you great visibility in your market under the credibility of the AMEC name.
  • The opportunity to work with peers in the development of initiatives, We are continually innovating to create resources – some of our latest initiatives being the AMEC Planning tool, the “Say No to AVEs”campaign and our AMEC Framework, all initiatives forming part of AMEC’s Global Education Program.

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