2023 AMEC Rising Stars_announced

AMEC Rising Stars 2023 Insights

Some of the winners of the 2023 AMEC Rising Stars have told us a little about themselves, how they began their measurement journey, and any predictions for where they see the future of communication measurement and evaluation. You can learn more about some of the 2023 winners in the videos linked below.

The Rising Stars initiative aims to showcase the next generation of leaders in the industry. Led by AMEC Board Directors Steph Bridgeman (Experienced Media Analysts) and Amrita Sidhu (Medianet Insights), the initiative is an AMEC-led collaboration to recognize and promote new and emerging talent in the field, and to provide an opportunity for young professionals to be acknowledged for their exceptional work. Details for 2024 coming soon.

“We started the #amecrisingstars to shine a light on the future generation of expert measurement practitioners. The initiative continues to highlight the many talents in our industry, the diversity of skills and achievements within our network and is reflective of AMEC’s global reach” Steph Bridgeman, Founder and Lead Consultant, Experienced Media Analysts.

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View more about some of the worthy winners of the 2023 AMEC Rising Stars Initiative, videos will be released and celebrated ongoing.

Dilek Asanoska, Communication Expert, A Data Pro

Christopher Brennan, Chief Product Officer, Overtone

Jukka Mäntyjärvi, Analytics and Performance Manager, Tietoevry

Leanne Hughes, Senior Communications Officer,  Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Lorena Cubides, Head of Media Analysis, GlobalNews Colombia

Marissa Kirkou, Account Manager, Carma

Angela Dwyer, Head of Insights, Fullintel

Thomas Patenall, Marketing Executive, Medianet and Medianet Insights

Elizabeth Davis, former Business Intelligence Analyst at Methods+Mastery, studying for MBA at NYU Stern