AMEC Member participation needed for Technical Referral Asset (TRA) by 14 January 2022

AMEC has recently announced a new tool under progress by the Tech Hub, an AMEC Special Interest Group (SIG) focused on technology in PR, called the Technical Referral Asset (TRA).

The TRA will be a resource to help communication professionals develop and build their tech stack to locate the best partner(s) for their needs. It aims to highlight and align AMEC member capabilities with communication industry demand, helping people make smarter partner decisions based on user reviews that reflect experience, performance, functionality, compliance, cost, innovation of services, and relationship.

Your participation in this project is important. These assets will be part of the discussion at the 2022 AMEC Global Summit, and we intend to highlight the findings to best support members in the coming year. The deadline to complete the phase one survey is Friday 14 January.

The TRA will be developed in multiple stages, covering a specific use-case scenario each time. This undertaking will begin with the first asset focusing on Monitoring and Social Listening tools/technology.

First, using the appropriate link below, please take the short survey, enabling us to understand your role and perspective. Then, based on the feedback and results, some participants will be part of the second phase, a more qualitative interview.

Short Survey Link:

In the second phase, you will agree to an interview, where we will discuss the user experience of the listening/monitoring tool technology and/or you represent. The interview will follow a set of semi-structured questions developed in cooperation with AMEC and the Tech Hub, which will serve as the basis for publishing the TRA.

Please feel free to contact Johna Burke, AMEC Global Managing Director with any feedback about this project.