AMEC Integrated Framework Tutorial (IEF) Bulgarian Version

This week AMEC unveiled the latest full translation of the AMEC Integrated Framework (IEF) which is AMEC’s leading interactive tool and free resource developed to provide a consistent and credible approach for all organisations to plan and measure their communication effectiveness.

At a panel and networking event held in association with BAPRA on 22 February 2024, AMEC thanked member organisation Commetric and AMEC Board Director Maya Koleva for leading the effort and generously volunteering time and resources in fully translating the tool to make it more accessible to Bulgarian communication, PR, data and analytics professionals.

Maya Koleva PhD – Director, Research & Insights, Commetric, AMEC Board Director, said “We wanted to make this amazing AMEC resource even more accessible to Bulgarian-speaking audiences: thinking not only about the professional communications sector, but specifically about the students in Bulgarian universities in disciplines like communications, public relations or even journalism. As an alumna of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications of Sofia University for me and my team it was a passion project and we are hoping students will enjoy learning about communications effectiveness measurement through the interactive framework, the detailed taxonomy and the PR planning guide.

Prof. Veselina Valkanova, PhD – Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
said “The Integrated Evaluation Framework is a resource that can be useful and practical for our students in Public Relations and Communications Management, and we are glad that AMEC has now made it even more accessible through the new full translation in Bulgarian language.”

Anyone can use it, it is free and non-proprietary, allowing any organisation, be it university, in-house department, PR agency or measurement company to benefit from its approach. It has been translated into 24 languages and is taught in academia on multiple PR and communications courses around the world.