Each AMEC member company, irrespective of size, can nominate or self-nominate for a Director position in their respective membership category where there is a vacancy for the AMEC Board 2018. Here’s how it works.
AMEC has sent each member company full details of the AMEC election process, including the procedure for nominating
You may be contacted by one of the candidates in the Elections to support their application. If more nominations than available positions are received, a Ballot will be held and this is where your support is vital. You can only support members in your own membership category, e.g. Full Member, Associate Member and so on.

How to take part

  • Nominations should be made using the form available on this link.
  • You can make as many nominations as you wish, but please use a separate form for each one.
  • Self-nominations are welcome and may be counter-signed by the AMEC Secretariat. In the case of another person whom you may wish to nominate please indicate whether their prior consent has already been given.
  • Nominees must also send a personal statement to support their nomination. This is important for others to get a sense of your personal vision and commitment to AMEC’s future.

Both documents must reach AMEC no later than 17.00 (GMT) on Friday 24th November, 2017.