AMEC’s “Say No” to AVEs campaign, launched at the Global Summit in Bangkok this year, has a number of key elements.
All existing AMEC members are being formally asked not to provide AVEs to clients as the only form of metric in line with AMEC official policy.

  • No new AMEC member will be admitted at any level if the only measurement service they provide is AVEs.
  • Organisers of major PR Award schemes globally are being asked by AMEC to zero score entries which use AVEs as the primary means of programme measurement.
  • AMEC will continue to invest in its AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework which has been welcomed by in-house teams and PR and communications professionals worldwide as an easy to use and credible alternative solution to AVEs.

AMEC’s AVEs policy, which is being sent to all members worldwide, requires all members to commit that they will:

  • Not proactively promote or offer AVEs as a metric, when helping our clients measure their communications programmes.
  • Publicly commit to work with AMEC as a supporter of the international campaign to eradicate the use of AVEs.
  • Introduce internal guidelines and training for all of their staff on why AVEs are an invalid metric so that they are skilled and proficient in advising clients to choose other forms of measurement including the free Integrated Evaluation Framework.
  • Not provide any client with AVEs as a sole means of evaluating the success of a PR or communications campaign.
  • Where a client insists on having an AVE, only to provide the number with a prominent AMEC approved disclaimer and link to AMEC’s online educational material that explains why the metric is invalid. Additionally, to provide at least two other valid metrics with the AVE.
  • Not provide an AVE for any client report that will be used in any PR or Communication award scheme around the world.
  • Pro-actively encourage Awards organizers, in our countries, to disqualify entries which use AVEs.
  • For existing clients, work towards convincing them to stop using AVEs by providing them other valid metrics.

AMEC and media measurement firms who are AMEC members
AMEC has asked members who supply a media monitoring service as well as measurement and insights to take specific action and remove AVE as a default metric in their monitoring platforms.
We understand this can demand a significant IT commitment which will need to be carefully planned and implemented.  AMEC therefore is realistic about the time that this can take and we are not asking members to turn it off overnight, but instead to commit to doing it and getting the process implemented as quickly as possible.
AMEC will continue with its mission to educate PR and communications professionals about measurement best practice, working closely with public relations and communications trade bodies and professionals internationally. We continue to believe that credible and meaningful measurement of PR value tied to objectives and business results will help our clients plan and manage their campaigns better and prove the value of their work effectively.
AMEC’s “Say No to AVEs” campaign, launched in May, 2017, has been well received by members and the communications industry. See the full “Say No” resources here.
AMEC will not accept any new members who cannot agree to this policy.
AMEC provides an online resource centre to help members and their clients which includes its new free to use AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.