Measurement Month in 2017 is the biggest and most diverse so far. It has also won spontaneous feedback from AMEC members.
We have broken into new markets and brought new companies into Measurement Month for the first time”, said AMEC CEO, Barry Leggetter.
“What we are pleased about are the business benefits members tell us that come from taking part  in Measurement Month. Measurement Month works because member companies put time and effort into it and they fully deserve the positive client feedback they are getting.”
One of the new supporters of Measurement Month is the UK Government Communications Service (GCS) in a show of commitment led by Executive Director of Government Communications, Alex Aiken.

Fast facts:

  • 55 events already confirmed! More in pipeline planning.
  • More events held in native languages this year to enhance the diverse appeal of Measurement Month.
  • New names to Measurement Month brought their own interpretation of the initiative.
  • All three AMEC International Chapters, in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America involved.
  • AMEC broke new ground this year with a visit of Chairman Richard Bagnall to South America facilitated by GlobalNews to take part in Measurement Month events.
  • More PR and communications professional associations were involved more this year – in  Austria, Hong Kong, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, US – as well as the Norwegian Business School!

This is our first full year as AMEC member taking part in Measurement Month. We held three events in Vienna and each one exceeded all our expectations and was valuable to us, as a business. We will definitely be taking part in Measurement Month in 2018.
Rüdiger Baumberger, Manager Content & Systems, APA Defacto. Austria

Measurement month is the only global event in which we have the opportunity to not only showcase what we do but to keep spreading the word about the best and most cutting edge practices. No other event has such a significant impact on our clients understanding of best practices and such a high level of outreach in this industry, period.
Carlos Alfredo Díaz, General Manager, GlobalNews. South America.

AMEC Measurement Month has become an established and sought after time for us at byBrick Insight to focus on knowledge sharing about measurement and how it connects to our clients’ strategy, organization and tactical challenges. Each year we see a growing interest in our events and an increase of speaker opportunities at other communication events to make Measurement Month a vital part of our marketing strategy.
Ann-Sofie Krol, CEO, byBrick Insights. Sweden.

Measurement Month is an important an annual reminder to the entire PR industry that no good communications happen without proper measurement and evaluation; by uniting communicators and measurement professionals globally in a series of quality events and networking, MM is the most effective global campaign advocating driving data-driven excellence in communications.” 
Mazen Nahawi, CEO, CARMA. UAE & Global.

What I love about MM is that it forces us in a creative way to annually discuss new international developments in measurement with our clients and stakeholders. The importance of this cannot be overestimated because clients see we are on top of our craft and always looking for ways to improve our work, just as they are.
Jeroen Scholten, Founder and Managing Director, Publistat. Holland

Measurement is at the heart of our industry’s future. It is absolutely vital to every single issue that matters -respect; profitability; over servicing; professionalism and ethics. That’s why our partnership with AMEC matters so much to us and why Measurement Month is so important.
Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA Director General & Chief Executive, ICCO – ‎International Communications Consultancy Organisation.

Measurement Month gives us a chance to reflect on the progress we have made this year in proving the value of communications. It also helps us engage with a broad range of government communicators on the challenges we still face, and how we will address them together over the coming year
Neil Wholey, Head of Audiences, Government Communication Service