Twelve countries took part in One Copyright Day organised by the joint AMEC & FIBEP Copyright Committee during AMEC’s Measurement Month.
Christophe Dickès, co-chair of the Copyright committee and Global Copyright Director, Kantar Media, organised the event which was held at Kantar Media’s offices in Paris. From Spain to Germany, from France to Italy, through Brazil and the USA, more than 12 countries (25 attendees) were represented and answered the following questions: How does each national association work on copyright? What are the aims, the successes and the limits of each association? What can we learn and improve by pooling our knowledge and resources?
Christophe explained: “For the first time, the national federations seized the opportunity to share their experiences and to work on copyright. While the European Commission launched a new Directive to be discussed in the next two years, it was essential to foster a global discussion on this issue which concerns all our members.”
Members who are interested in this topic can receive the presentation of the following countries & associations: France/Fevem, Spain/AFEC, Germany/IVDM, Italy/AssoRassegne, UK/UKMMA, Brazil/ABEMO, USA/Licence league, Europe/Euralia. Please contact: [email protected]