AMEC 2015 Summit Presentations

Winning the Gamefrom local silos to global integration

AMEC 2015 Summit Presentations Day 2

Winning the Gamefrom local silos to global integration

PR is changing – but it must change faster!

Stuart Smith, Global CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations told delegates at the AMEC International Summit that PR is changing – but it must change faster!

Journalists’ use of social media peaked? - New Social Journalism Study from Cision

While the majority of UK journalists now use social media for their work, they actually spend less time using the technology than they have in the last two years.

AMEC 2014 Summit Presentations

See the speaker presentations from the AMEC International Summit in Amsterdam, June, 2014

AMEC Summit Videos

See the videos from the AMEC International Summit in Amsterdam, June, 2014

Time is now to leverage the use of analytics

Text to go with picture: Strong leadership in global PR consultancy is closing the measurement skills gap, says AMEC’s CEO, Barry Leggetter.

Credo for Public Relations: The Role of Evaluation and Measurement

Now aged 90, I commenced public relations practice in 1947 on my return from service with the Royal Marine Commandos. I am the only Founding Father of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and International Public Relations Association still alive [...]

PRSA/AMEC Symposium 2013

Presentation Deck from PRSA/AMEC Measurement Pre-conference October 27, 2013

Can Barcelona Principles be implemented in India? - a measurement practitioner’s perspective

Aseem Sood, CEO of AMEC member company, Impact Research, talks about the practical challenge of getting communications professionals in India to take measurement seriously and poses questions he is often asked. He is a Director of AMEC [...]

Knowledge Share – 5th European Summit

AMEC’s 5th European Summit in Madrid. Where speakers gave their permission, their presentations are available for download below.

Democratisation of measurement

The measurement of PR activity is becoming less of a mystery…

‘Toe bone to the head bone’ logic model

Professor Jim McNamara observes that PR and communication academics have been talking about evaluation for 30 years [...]

AMEC summit must take measurement message industry-wide

Stephen Waddington, European Digital & Social Media Director at Ketchum, feels like reaching for his air horn again! He argues that anyone that says that public relations can’t be measured hasn’t investigated it properly.
Marion McDonald

Insights – The critical ingredient

Insights Critical for Effective PR but Must Go Beyond the ‘Bleeding Obvious’ By Marion McDonald.

Where is Your Organization on the Social Media Listening Maturity Model?

Don Bartholomew, Senior Vice President, Digital and Social Media Research, Ketchum, says he is often asked to consult with a company on their social media listening strategy. He argues it is much more than Followers and Likes which will never get to the actionable insights that lead to marketing or business actions.

Are you a professional or a user?

Philip Sheldrake is quite clear. He has never been fond of the word 'user'? It lacks the caring qualities of a much more appropriate word, customer, and for him, even evokes images of substance abuse. Read on …his intentions are entirely honourable!

International Media Analysis Made Simple

AMEC Chairman Mike Daniels and Angela Jeffrey look to examine how companies can determine what is the right measurement solution for them in a new Paper which looks at the three competing essentials: quality, speed and cost.