This is a 6-week Intermediate Level course to include three live webinars and six recorded podcasts or videos with subject matter experts. A number of short study activities related to aspects of social media measurement will be developed that would require the student to practise a number of short measurement tasks.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate tools to measure and evaluate social media
  • Understand digital research methods and the role technology plays in the measurement and evaluation process
  • Understand key social media data and metrics and their relationship
  • Appreciate how to apply research disciplines to measurement and evaluation of social media
  • Advocate the Barcelona Principles and their relevance to social media measurement
  • Integrate social media evaluation into strategic communications plans linked to business objectives

Who is the course aimed at?

You should take this course if…

  • You are advising clients on how to measure the success of their social media activities
  • You are responsible for social and/or digital strategy for your organisation and want to improve measurement practice
  • You are in PR or marketing and want to improve your knowledge of social media measurement

The course is run by AMEC College’s partner, PR Academy.

Short Course in Social Media Measurement

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