As the world’s largest professional body for communications research, media intelligence and insights, AMEC is the first point of call for communications and PR professionals to get expert, knowledge & advice.

Members Verdict on 2016Who we are

AMEC is the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication.

AMEC acts as the voice for public relations research and measurement providing a forum and International network for sharing knowledge and best practice about communications research, media intelligence and insights.

AMEC is the industry leader, instigating new industry research, best practice and standards supporting consistent progression of the industry

AMEC membership is internationally representative, with members in over 48 different countries providing an opportunity to network and do business across borders

Benefits of membership:

  • AMEC pioneered the first international survey of media intelligence and insights in 2009. Its World Media Intelligence and Insights Study remains a key benefit for members.
  • AMEC provides a lobbying service for its members on copyright providing a voice for future decisions and policies.
  • Membership provides platforms for continual professional development from the latest industry thinkers and best practice methodologies via AMEC summits, the annual Measurement Month initiative and a free International webinar series. Additionally speaker downloads and videos of every plenary session and workshop at AMEC’s International Summit are available as a unique training resource through the AMEC website.
  • Member firms are entitled to special discounts on events and educational programmes.
  • Members are given the opportunity to play a key part in industry development through the opportunity to serve on the AMEC Board (dependent on membership grade); vote in Board Elections and at the AGM and to represent their company on an AMEC working group.
  • The online AMEC College provides education programs for client organizations as well as for the staff of member companies, through a professional development curriculum.
  • AMEC’s mission is to further ensure measurement is at the heart of every communications programme. Senior level speakers represent the industry at key events internationally.