Enroll in the AMEC Measurement and Evaluation Certificate this summer!

The course now offers year-round registration, giving you the flexibility to manage your learning schedule. Gain knowledge on crucial measurement principles, tools, and methods essential for all professionals involved in PR, Data, Analytics, Communication, Measurement and Evaluation. See more information on the course content here.

New students will benefit from added convenience with the following features:
– Utilize the new online learning platform, Study Hub
– Enjoy access to course materials and library for a full year
– Complete the course at your preferred pace
– Dedicate an average of 3 hours per week to study
– Submit one final assignment with four chances for submission in the year
– Access a curated online library of resources to enhance learning

AMEC members receive a significant discount to this course, non-member member students are very welcome. You can sign up here.

The Certificate serves as a detailed progression in your communication effectiveness and measurement education. Explore the free AMEC Foundation and IEF Tutorial courses available to members, which act as springboard towards obtaining the next level Certificate, see more

The Certificate is delivered on our behalf by PR Academy Ltd
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