AMEC IEF Tutorial course – users’ stories

AMEC IEF Tutorial course – users’ stories

A new tutorial course for the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) has been launched. The new tutorial course comes with a total of 33 lessons that illustrate step by step guidance on how to use the AME IEF. With real-time case studies and on-demand access, this tutorial offers a valuable learning opportunity.

See some user testimonials on their impression of the tutorial course:

Ong Hock Chuan, Managing Partner, Maverick Indonesia

“The AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework is important because it gives you the means not only to measure and evaluate communication success but to also plan effective communication across PESO channels. This tutorial from AMEC Measurement and Evaluation was a great refresher for me (and you even get a certificate if you complete the course) and proof again that when we go back to basics, we always learn something new. We at Maverick Indonesia have required all our consultants and specialists to take this course as part of their essential body of professional knowledge.”

Michael Blowers FAMEC, Director at Media Evaluation Research, Council Member at CIPR

“Over the last few days, I have completed the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) Tutorial. This will be a ‘must do’ for anyone using the Integrated Evaluation Framework regularly. The online Integrated Evaluation Framework tool is a saveable online workspace, visually segmented allowing users to drop their activities and which at the same time guides and suggests what else might be measured. I would also say the IEF Tutorial is practical and useful to anyone in PR who is interested in evaluation and measurement.

Here’s why:

  • It shows how to use the Integrated Evaluation Framework – thinking beyond media outputs. It moves users towards measuring out-takes and importantly the outcomes. Finding ways to quantify the relevant outcomes is unquestionably the most powerful way to measure your efforts, but often also the most difficult.
  • The Tutorial is not prescriptive, and it is at pains to emphasise how the adaptability and bespoke nature of the PR work impacts the measurement processes. The course took about 1.5 hours and is a mixture of online video tutorials, short documents and quizzes which tests the previous section. It reminded me of doing the Google Analytics certificate though without the time pressure and pass/fail result which was a relief as I would not suggest I got all the quiz questions right the first time.

In short, use the IEF to help you measure, but to get the most out of it do the IEF Tutorial first.

Lora Petrova Dzhambazka, Media Analyst, A Data Pro

“I’ve decided to enrol in the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) Tutorial course because I have already had very valuable experience with another AMEC course – AMEC Foundation in Media Measurement and Evaluation Course.  The IEF Tutorial course really met my expectations. It was well presented, easy to follow and engaging.  I really liked that the framework is flexible and can be adapted to different types of organisations across different sectors. The case studies were really inspiring and yet another useful aspect of the course. The explanations of what outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact mean were very helpful. Also, doodles and graphics were captivating and funny and made the course material easier to grasp.  I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to plan more effective campaigns or to anyone who wishes to upgrade skills and expand knowledge in media measurement and evaluation. It was great learning experience. Thank you, AMEC!”

Vanesa Guleva – Communications Management student / Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications, Sofia University / Erasmus exchange student, University of Vienna

Vanessa took the AMEC IEF Tutorial course in December 2022 after a guest lecture by AMEC Board Director Maya Koleva

“The course is well structured; the material is presented in an interesting and engaging manner. Something that impressed me is that the focus is not only on the informative part but also on the practical one. The course covers a wide range of topics, from evolution principals to data collection and includes numerous practical cases to help you apply what you have learned. I would definitely recommend the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework course to anyone who has the motivation to expand their knowledge dive into the world of professional media technologies.”

About the AMEC IEF Tutorial

The AMEC IEF Tutorial course was produced by volunteers on AMEC’s Education working group. With humble thanks to them and their exceptional dedication in creating this course from concept to bringing it to life. We also give our deepest appreciation to all collaborators on the IEF tool from conception onwards and providing their thought leadership and professional expertise to make it possible for AMEC to offer this remarkable interactive resource for free. See the full list of volunteers who collaborated on this course and in the creation of the IEF originally and enabled AMEC to offer this free remarkable interactive resource, essential for anyone working in communication.

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