Six years ago, AMEC had a conversation in a London coffee shop with two representatives from a fast-growing UK public relations firm, Stuart Hehir and Chris Webb. This is also their story of what can happen when you believe!
We talked about measurement and the PR professional and how to make it relevant in an agency already well known for its creativity? And they wanted to know how their business could benefit from becoming an AMEC member.
It was an animated discussion, I remember. They had a belief that a credible measurement product and AMEC membership could help their own growth plans.

This week, the same company, Pegasus, now part of UDG Healthcare, was named the big winner of the PRWeek UK Best Use of Planning, Strategy and Evaluation Award.
The point of this post is that as we say over and over at AMEC, is that we find the best firms, the companies who see the bigger picture, tend to join a trade association and get involved in its work. Pegasus, on joining, supported our Global Summits and AMEC Measurement Month. They kept learning from the best in the world using the AMEC community to crosscheck their thinking.
And they continued refining and improving their evaluation offer as part of their own agency mission to “put behaviour change at the heart of everything we do.”
Pegasus drew on the academic rigour of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change, using its COM-B theory to inform our planning and evaluation framework.
They took guidance and inspiration from the work of AMEC. They invested time and energy into refining their approach to measurement and in the words of Chris Webb, now a Director, “it continues to pay dividends.”
He added: “Being able to prove the impact of our work not only justifies investment, but also increases the sense of pride felt by our teams and our client partners as we’re able to see that the work we’re doing is making a real difference.”
Measurement and evaluation was once derided as “nerdy”.
AMEC Measurement Month will be held in November as a global showcase of measurement.