These are some of the tips we have learned from earlier Measurement Month event passed onto us by AMEC members:

  1. Start your planning early. November will be here before you know it!
  2. Involve colleagues in your company in Measurement Month and encourage them to be measurement evangelists.
  3. Use the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework as the hook for your Measurement Month event.
  4. Involve trade and marketing press in your country.
  5. Look for a Measurement Month partnership with your country’s trade association – dual branding!
  6. Always use the #amecmm hashtag.
  7. Partner with competitors to stage an event.
  8. Make sure your event has a broad appeal to PR and communications professionals.
  9. Use technology, e.g. webinars or Twitter Chats.
  10. Use a Measurement Month activity to engage your clients! Feedback is always positive about small company run events.