Three AMEC Lifetime Fellowships were awarded during the AMEC Global Summit to Board Directors Barbara Bassi and Jerry Ward and to CEO Barry Leggetter.

The award of lifetime fellowships recognises their major individual contributions to the advancement of measurement.

Barbara Bassi has been a member of the AMEC Board for over 10 years and has been an active member of our education and membership committees and is currently chair of the European International Chapter. She runs her own evaluation business in Milan.

Jerry Ward is Managing Director of Press Data and has served on the AMEC Board for over 11 years. He has been Chair of AMEC’s Membership Committee for most of that period. He is also AMEC’s primary representative on content and licencing working with the PDLN and NLA.

Barry Leggetter has been AMEC’s CEO for 11 years during which AMEC has seen strong growth and development into an international organisation. He steps down at the end of 2018.