The big story of the Cambridge Analytica/ Facebook scandal is being highlighted in a special AMEC Series workshop event in Stockholm. 
Organised by byBrick in conjunction with AMEC, the workshop, “How is data integrity impacting trust?” will be held on May 8.
The byBrick team will use the Cambridge Analytica/ Facebook scandal to highlight the issues that have been raised on data integrity, data usage and how easily we can be influenced through technology and content. Book on this link.

The speakers are Annsi Krol CEO at byBrick Insight; Charles Woods expert on data protection at Talkwalker talking about legislation issues and data access; Brit Stakston journalist and co-founder of the Blank Spot project addressing impact on democracy; Jesper Åström Growth hacker who will challenge us about not even owning the right to our own data on the web and Robert Svensson CEO at Lennox PR talking about the impact on our society as a whole.