AMEC is inviting expressions of interest from members to become Headline Sponsor of the 2019 Global Summit, the flagship global summit on communications measurement and evaluation.
AMEC has recently been to Asia so the 2019 Global Summit location for 2019 could be held in Europe, United States, Middle East or Latin America. Interested AMEC members are asked to note:

  • Headline Sponsorship is our most prestigious sponsor package. It  carries with it certain responsibilities and costs but many benefits.
  • It is important to emphasise that the organisation of the Global Summit and the development of the programme is the responsibility of the AMEC Secretariat and therefore will not cut into the time of Headline Sponsor staff.
  • The Secretariat will come to the Headline Sponsor for advice, but the AMEC secretariat will be responsible for organisation of the event.

If any AMEC member is interested in hosting the summit in their region and becoming its Headline Sponsor in 2019 please contact Johna Burke, GMD, at [email protected] by 18th MAY for a discussion by telephone or Skype.

Once we know of any Expression of Interest, a brief will be sent to the prospective Headline Sponsor. Following this:

  • Johna Burke will arrange a call to discuss the brief with the member company and take any questions.
  • Invite the company, if it is still interested after the call, to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on Why your company/your destination would make perfect hosts, or a short video if you prefer.
  • There will be discussion and a decision at the meeting of the AMEC International Board held on June 12 in Barcelona.

The AMEC Global Summit is the premier measurement conference in the world. By becoming Headline Sponsor your company will be associated with the status and visibility of this prestigious event in your marketplace