AMEC member companies, byBrick Insights and Quantum PR Measurement are running ambitious events in Sweden and Denmark.

ByBrick Insights based in Stockholm will run two Measurement Month events, the first on 7 September at 08.30 CEST, will be on: “How do you measure Goodwill?” organised with Mattecentrum.
Swedish companies spend heavily of time and budget on CSR projects and sponsorship, but sometimes it is difficult to evaluate what it actually provides. At this seminar we will hear different sides of this challenge.

  • Karolina Lisslö, Secretary General Mattecentrum
  • Per Leander, Secretary General Friends
  • Charlotte Rydh, Secretary General FRII , Swedish NGO’s collection council
  • Annsi Krol, CEO byBrick Insight
  • More speakers to come

How to register and participate:

What if you could put your corporate strategy into the pockets of employees all over the globe – in offices, on-the-road and at production sites – while discreetly collecting data to measure the impact of your on-going communication efforts?
Learn more about the internal Coloplast campaign, which engaged employees in Coloplast’s corporate strategy, LEAD20, in a fun, innovative way – while simultaneously gathering insights on the impact of the on-going strategy communication.
Dennis leads the Corporate Communications team at Coloplast. His team is responsible for media relations, leadership & change communication as well as corporate responsibility. Dennis has been working with Corporate Communication at Coloplast for ten years – the last three years in his current role as Director of Corporate Communication.
This live stream is part of the new full-day conference, Measurement Day, in Copenhagen on September 28th. The entire conference is being live streamed for free, but only Part II from 11.15-12.15 CEST is in English, while the rest of the conference is in Danish.
Venue: Online (live Stream)
How to register: No registration is necessary. To access the live stream on the day in question, simply go online to