AMEC member CARMA is supporting AMEC’s Measurement Month with a global programme of four events.

Global Webinar Series in North America (date and times to be announced); Europe on 26th September at 2.00pm UK BST; and a separate Middle East event on the same day at 15:00 UAE GST and a further, separate Middle East event on 20th September.
The global webinar series taking a look at the most significant regional media measurement trends and future considerations for the ever evolving field of PR Measurement, across North America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
Throughout the session, we will touch on changes in attitudes and approaches towards measurement and explain how better practices can lead to more actionable insights. The webinar will also discuss emerging technologies and how professionals should measure the use of them. Industry standards, such as the Barcelona Principles and AMEC’s Framework, are considered for their ability to enhance measurement and combat invalid metrics, namely AVEs.
How to register: details coming.
CARMA will run another event in UAE on 20th September, “Discovering the real value in your media intelligence”, with a special guest speaker to be announced!
The trend of adopting data and media intelligence as a means of powering informed decision making is in a phase of exponential growth in the Middle East communications sector. Governments and private institutions are recognizing the importance of media intelligence as more than just a means of justifying their department resources and budgets through reporting on metrics such as volumes and AVE’s.
Technology has enabled companies to identify trends, audience profiles, perceptions, reputational issues, business opportunities etc on a local or global scale in near real-time. This information offers valuable insights and can have a direct impact on the continuity and profitability of the company. In conjunction with AMEC’s Measurement Month,
In this special webinar, CARMA takes a look at how your media intelligence can deliver actionable insights across all areas of the organization, focusing on impact rather than output.
How to register: details coming.