As a new educational initiative AMEC is providing a recommended reading list of on evaluation.
The bibliography has been prepared by Professor Jim Macnamara, Professor of Public Communication, School of Communication, University of Technology Sydney. He is Chairman of the AMEC Academic Group. We’re also keen to have other suggestions from AMEC members throughout the world – send your ideas to [email protected].

Jim Macnamara’s list shows:

  • Academic books;
  • Academic book chapters;
  • Academic articles;
  • Professional journal articles;
  • Web sites;
  • Guides and manuals; etc.

The list shows communication/PR evaluation first but also includes general readings on social research methods and  readings about evaluation in a number of specialist fields such as health communication and on specialist practices such as behavioural insights, reputation,  etc.
Web links are also shown to all those available online. To view the Reading List go to
Barry Leggetter, AMEC CEO, said: “The need for such a list was identified by our Education Group. We are delighted with Jim Macnamara’s help here. It is something we intend to continue to expand.”