Richard Bagnall, CEO of Prime Research and the new AMEC Chair, has thrown his support behind plans for a major education push by AMEC during 2017
Bagnall said he was a “passionate believer” in the importance of the education role of AMEC.
He said: “I believe that much of the collateral and thought leadership that is needed now exists. The challenge now is to spread the message about the importance of credible and meaningful measurement effectively across the globe and throughout the industry.”
Bagnall said he will be asking the AMEC Board to make funds available to help implement a major 2017 campaign to drive awareness of the work and resources already in place and of the work of AMEC’s Education Group led by Barbara Bassi.
He also planned to ask Board Members to play a more active role in their markets both personally and through their companies.
He added: “By taking the Global Summit to Bangkok we are acknowledging the importance of the APAC Region and also that it is where we need to do more to promote new thinking in communications measurement.”