Rising stars confident about future

The first ever study amongst young leaders working for AMEC member companies gives a picture of confidence about the measurement industry.
The research was the idea of AMEC’s European Young Leaders Group. The key points were:

  • Confidence in skills around report-building and interpreting data is high (over 80%), but with less confidence seen in networking skills (55%).
  • Respondents are eager to learn more and particularly interested in improving skills in statistical analysis (82%).
  • 71% find the industry interesting and stimulating to work in.

The survey found that a lack of awareness and engagement with AMEC (68%) indicates that individual AMEC members could do more to encourage younger members of staff to get involved with AMEC’s work and promote industry development.)
The Chair of the group, Sarannah Vonk, Senior research head, Communication and Marketing at Publistat, Holland, said: “We think the results are interesting to the leaders of all AMEC companies whatever their size. AMEC itself could benefit if more member companies encourage younger staff to connect with AMEC.”