Richard Bagnall to be new Chairman – Takes office in January

Richard Bagnall, Chief Executive Officer of PRIME Research UK, was announced as the new Chairman Elect to Summit delegates.
The announcement was made by the Chairman, Jeremy Thompson, who steps down at the end of the year after completing a two year term.
Jeremy Thompson, the current AMEC Chairman and Managing Director, Cision, EMEA, said: “I am delighted that the Board has chosen Richard to succeed me as Chair of AMEC.
“Richard is a former colleague, and one of the most experienced members of AMEC. He has contributed a significant amount to the thinking around much of AMEC’s work and is very well placed to help the AMEC team continue to drive this wonderful organisation forward. I wish him all the very best in doing that.”
Earlier this year Richard was recognized by AMEC for lifetime achievement in the field. Richard sits on the Cabinet Office’s Evaluation Council. He was the leader of the international working party which developed the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework which was announced at the AMEC International Summit held in London.
Bagnall said: “Since 1996, I have advocated for research and evaluation within the public relations profession. I am delighted through this new responsibility to play an even more active role in the crucial work of AMEC.”
He will serve a two-year term starting in January, 2017.