New session added – AMEC survey results announced

AMEC will announce the results of its latest Worldwide Insights and Trends survey onstage at the International Summit in a special session added to the programme.
Think of how a TV channel invites expert commentators into the studio to discuss election results and you have an idea of how the session will work, with questions too from delegates.
David Rockland, Partner & CEO Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, will lead the session. He will invite expert commentary on the results from a panel comprising:

  • Mazen Nahawi, CEO, CARMA – his view on the results as a company originating in the Middle East but now expanded into other geographies
  • Petra Masinova, CEO, Newton Media – her observations against her market leader experience in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Kevin Read, Executive Chairman, of international PR group, Bell Pottinger – what does a senior PR figure see in the results?
  • Jeremy Thompson, AMEC Chairman & Managing Director, EMEA Cision – what do the results mean for AMEC and a need for action?