New AMEC Survey launching – Please take part!

The 2016 AMEC World Media Intelligence and Insights survey launches in the first week of April to provide an invaluable guide to members of the latest trends in PR measurement, analytics and insights on an international scale.
After a year of enormous change in the media intelligence sector through acquisitions, the survey provides a practical opportunity for every AMEC member – irrespective of size – to understand the impact of change in the media intelligence market on a worldwide basis.
The 2016 survey was developed by a team led by Khali Sakkas of Isentia consisting of Colin Wheeler, Understanding Expertise; Pauline Draper-Watts, Edelman-Berland; Philip Lynch, ex Kantar Media;  and lead researcher Russell Bell.
AMEC has also worked to make sure that the questions reflect our members business – so there are different question versions for AMEC members in PR consultancies and in-house including government roles, as well as questions for members whose core business is in measurement and analytics.
The survey will launch to members w/c 4th April with a deadline for completion w/c 9th May. The overall report and individual company reports will be available w/c 6th June.
Your individual responses will be treated confidentially and will not be seen by anyone from AMEC or by your competitors.
Sarbanes-Oxley: The survey has been developed to give members that can do so the continued opportunity to submit financial information as part of what we know to be a valued trend over time with benchmarking questions based on the year ending December 31st 2015. You will not be asked these questions if you are unable to disclose financial information because of Sarbanes-Oxley.
Only aggregated results will be published and your company’s contribution to the results will not be identifiable. If you have any difficulties with the questionnaire please contact the researcher – Russell Bell – on +44 7867 531557 or [email protected].