Barcelona Principles 2.0 launched!

Following an international consultation with the original partners and involving AMEC Regional Chapters, the new-look Barcelona Principles 2.0 has been launched.

David Rockland, Ketchum Partner and leader of the international working group unveils Barcelona Principles 2.0 in London.

It’s been five years since the industry rallied around the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles, agreeing to the first overarching framework for effective public relations (PR) and communication measurement.

In the spirit of continuous improvement encouraged by delegates at AMEC’s International Summit in Stockholm, an international working group reviewed the original Barcelona Principles during the summer.

The group represented the original partners involved in the Barcelona Principles of 2010: the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), ICCO, Institute for Public Relations, PRCA, PRSA and The Global Alliance.

The working group has identified ways to build upon the original Barcelona Principles and make them even more reflective of the industry and the way communication professionals work today.

In short, if the original set of Principles focused more on “what not to do,” the updated Barcelona Principles of 2015 provide more guidance on “what to do,” in order to unite the ever-expanding media landscape into a transparent, reliable, and consistent measurement and evaluation framework.