Workshop D

Title: A futuristic session on seeing around corners in measurement – and what is likely coming down the road in the next few years.
The panel looks at what the future will look like including:

  • Consolidation in the media intelligence sector and among software suppliers will continue.
  • Market mix modeling will be mainstream?
  • More and more companies will insist on measurement built on Barcelona Principles framework in briefs and RFP’s.
  • Ongoing debate about automated vs. traditional vs. hybrid measurement – speed and volume vs. accuracy and depth
  • The social effect on the PR landscape

Moderator: Jeremy Thompson, Chief Executive, Gorkana Group.
Panel: Margot Sinclair Savell, Senior Vice President, Global, Research+Data Insights; Giselle Bodie, Chief Executive, Salience Group; Jodi Kennedy, Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications, SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business and Americas region; Tony Noel,Chairman, Ketchum, Spain; Daniel Millin, Founder, The Mediaverse.