Workshop C

Upping the Game: What the client wants – and how to deliver it.

At the AMEC Summit in Madrid last year, there was a call from some clients for a “keep it simple” approach to measurement reports. But, what exactly does this mean, and how do you do it? This panel will address the key questions behind “keeping it simple”:

Are we speaking the same language or are PR and media intelligence professionals creating a language that our clients don’t speak?
Why “keeping it simple” can mean different things to different people.
How clients actually use their evaluation reports and what their “wish list” is for the future in terms of presentation.

Moderator: Christina Liao, SVP and Senior Partner, Global Director, Research & Analytics, FleishmanHillard.

The Panel:

Karen Crawford, CEO, MediaVerse.
Cindy Penders, Manager of External Communications, ING Nederland.
Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic.
Rod Strother, Director of Lenovo Center of Social and Digital Excellence.